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Presidential Election- Will the real President please stand up

Just over 83 million Americans watched the first Presidential debate on television a few days ago. Many walked away dazed and confused with what they saw. Never before in the history of these debates has such a nasty and negative attack been launched between candidates. On November 8 Americans will be faced with the daunting task of choosing which candidate is best suited to lead the country for the next 4 years and change USA fortunes around. For many, choosing between two very unpopular candidates will not be an easy one to make.  Here are some observations and take-a-ways from the first debate to consider.

Ladies first gentlemen second

first presential debate-2

Not perfect in the first presidential debate, at times The Secretary of State appeared robotic in her answers speaking from her well-rehearsed head and not much from her heart. Having said that, this serial life long politician fared much better than her opponent. Well prepared as always with a litany of facts and figures in support of her cause, she lambasted Trump especially on his business taxes and the innuendo that he had not paid his fair share for the last 12 years. She went on to say that those billions of dollars could have helped pay for the Military, schools, the VA and infrastructure upgrades. It is important to note that this allegation has yet to be proven. But this is politics and the long term professional she is was able to register a Trump negative hit in the minds of her audience.

On Trumps long running attack on President Obama’s birth certificate, once again Hillary bested Trump. But her biggest problem was her use of a private email server while at the State Department and when questioned about it, she apologized and pivoted away. She then moved on. Trump missed a golden opportunity to attack her but failed to grasp the initiative for some strange reason. As the debate continued it became increasingly apparent that Hillary Clinton had ruled the night. Trump did not comport himself as Presidential and often seemed lost in ambiguity. This may have been his ‘live and learn’ moment.

Screen presence had been touted as one of Trumps long suits from his years on television, again, not so. Using the split screen technique common to the nightly newscast, when not speaking Trump appeared like a caged animal wandering about, making faces and interrupting during this first presidential debate. If personal presentation counts as a measure of a President, once again Trump failed to meet the grade.

And now for the nightly news

first presential debate-3

Claims have been made and with some justification, that the moderator Lester Holt interrupted Trump about twice as much as Clinton. He also had a ‘Candy Crowley’ moment, confronting Trump on an issue later proven to be correct on Trumps part. Yes this is politics and once the attack is made, right or wrong the wound remains.

And the winner is

Pundits on both sides of the aisle will argue their candidate won but with the first presidential debate  1 now in the books even though it was close, the winner was the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Trump was no match for the 30-year professional politician. His 18-month journey from citizen businessman to politician showed his inexperience.

And the loser is

The American public, the citizens and voters who are so polarized, that compromise is no longer a consideration lose big time. The battleground is over the fight against change as opposed to dealing with the realities of 2016. The professional politicians and ruling financial elite want everything to stay the way it is. For them change costs money and as we all know, money is power. Without change and doing the same old same old that has been the norm for so many years, The United States is close to the edge and in danger of falling over.

Here are some truths to consider when choosing the next President.

  • The country is 20 trillion dollars in debt. Money borrowed to pay for past election promises made. Your grandchildren will still be paying it down.
  • The national debt has doubled in the last 8 years
  • The middle class, once the engine that drove the economy is almost gone
  • The military is at it’s lowest level of readiness since the end of WWII
  • The tax code is a mess
  • The VA in serious need of complete overhaul. Veterans die waiting for treatment.
  • Obama care has serious problems and lies were told about how great it would be
  • Hillary Clinton’s escape from prosecution for her use of a private email server suggests direct influence from the White House through the Department of Justice.
  • The FBI once a pillar of ‘Truth Justice and the American’ way has been compromised.
  • The FBI Director James Comey after laying out case against Hillary Clinton proving she lied over and over again to Americans, would not prosecute her.
  • American Society has lost its moral compass
  • Illegal immigrants continue to pour into the country from Mexico at the expense of the American tax payer
  • Sanctuary Cities give criminals a free pass (see Kate Steinle)
  • US foreign policy enacted over the last few years has destabilized the Middle East and helped give rise to ISIL
  • Gitmo in Cuba is being emptied of prisoners with some returning to the battlefield, to complete an Obama promise made to close it down before he leaves office January 2017.
  • Police feel they are under attack and Black Americans feel the same.

The list goes on and on. But this societal endemic is not just the province of The United States it appears to be happening all over the world.

Has the time come for a global political revolution? Have politicians lost touch with their electorate? Has political correctness gone way to far? Like before, the list goes on and on.

So for Americans who are thinking who to vote for, or in this case against, the question is, do you keep going down the same old path that has made you more like a banana republic or do you embrace change believing that’s the first step towards a new future. The street theatre called the president election cycle has made for good television called ‘he said she said’.

The answer will be revealed on Tuesday November 8.

Stay Tuned !