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We all have a different taste. Be it in fashion, movies, lifestyle or food. But all of the other entities are different for different people but food, food is a special commodity that binds people. Be it a pizza or pasta, Buttered popcorns or potato chips, Seafood paella or Chicken rice, foodoholics are everywhere and not just any food people today have a special place in their hearts for fast foods.(fast food promotion!) We all go out on lunches and dinners in expensive restaurants and try multiple cuisines but a bagel on the way to work, it just feels better. Fast food is a totally different “CHOW”. And having the upper hand in the territory of fast food is the Mexican fast food.

Mexican fast food is known for its spicy, tangy flavor but to experience that zest, it’s totally different. Beans and corns are the heart of most Mexican dishes. Mexican food has its own identity and the depth of flavors; both savory and earthy are just too hard to keep away from. We have Tortillas and Lasagnas all the time but the true Mexican flavor is not “to be had” everywhere. Its diverse kick is an array of chilies (THE BEST CHILLIES), next to the lovely oregano and cilantro (coriander), Garlic, onions, lemons and limes, sounding divine right!

The most prominent Mexican Fast Food Dishes, that capture hearts of millions:

  1. Tasty Tortilla Chips

mexican food1

These are triangular corn chips and are confused with nachos. They go with any dip and can be eaten anytime. The best sauces complementing tortilla are

  • Beef Enchilada dip
  • Creamy cheese dip
  • Pineapple Lime dip
  • Chili sauce

2. Tasty Tacos


Tacos are basically a form of wrap, a corn or wheat tortilla (a kind of flat bread) envelops a filling, and are among most liked Mexican Fast Food. Yes, I know its sound simple enough but once you taste it, WOW! The tacos are such foods that you can have at anyplace at anytime you want. Also, no veg and non-veg issue. The best fillings include

  • Fried chicken dipped in your favorite sauce and cheese grated all over.
  • Prawns with coriander, fried with chili and garlic and sweet onions on the side.
  • Beef with cumin and some chili powder.
  • Fried Corn-Tomato-beans with some salt and pepper.
  • Mashed Potatoes with avocados.

3. Exquisite Enchiladas


Enchiladas are tortilla rolls with fillings arranged side by side and then covered with a layer of sauce of your choice. The most common sauce or the Enchiladas sauce is a combination of tomatoes, chili, oregano, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, seasoned with salt and pepper. These are, well, Delicious. The tortilla has a crunchy taste and the filling is just mouth watering, and no doubt that this is why they are most liked Mexican Fast Food across the globe.  Different Enchiladas include

  • Prawns and crab Enchiladas- The filling is light fried crabs and prawns with some herbs and the covering layer is grated cheese and oregano.
  • Green chicken Enchiladas- Boiled, then dried chicken with cheese is the filling and is topped with the enchiladas sauce, sprinkled with Jalapeno.
  • Bean and rice Enchiladas- The filling is Beans and tomatoes fried with pepper, onion and garlic, with fried rice layered with enchiladas sauce and coriander.

4. Flavorful Fajitas


Fajitas are like thin pizzas, the base is a thin tortilla and above it is the delicious filling ( more filling, that’s the way to go!). These are mostly made of Chicken or beef, so it’s a non- vegetarians paradise. Different kind of Fajitas include

  • Spicy Beef Fajitas- The filling is beef cooked in red pepper with onion, chili and garlic, seasoned with oregano and cumin.
  • Chicken Fajitas- Red chili sauce is spread over the tortilla and chicken roasted with tomatoes, onions and yellow peppers is the super- yummy filling.
  • Prawn Fajitas- The tortilla is covered with melted cheese and the prawn is marinated and then cooked with chili, lime juice and soya sauce.

5. Luscious Lasagna


Lasagna is the oldest kind of pasta. Yes, you read it right- pasta and not just that, above the tortilla chips the pasta in arranged in layers and in between the layers are tasty fillings. It’s generally very cheesy! Different lasagna include

  • White cheese and chicken Lasagna- The filling is chicken seasoned with pepper and oregano, with grated cheese on the top.
  • Mushroom and cottage cheese Lasagna- The tortilla chips are sauced over and fried mushrooms and cottage cheese fried with red pepper, chili and coriander serves as the filling.
  • Chocolate Lasagna
  • Beef Lasagna

ENJOY!.. and don’t forget to share your experiences about Mexican Fast Food !