A day in Florence

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You are in Florence for the first time and you just have a day? Read on and you will find out from the first-hand experience how to optimize your time and take the best Florence has to offer.

A quick Tour by foot

You have just arrived in the city that leave most of the people breathless. Starting from the Santa Maria Novella station situated in the center of Florence just cross the street and you will find one of the most beautiful churches that gives the name to the central station. Santa Maria Novella

You are in front of Santa Maria Novella church.  Architecturally, it is one of the most important Gothic churches in Tuscany built by Dominicans n 13th century. The facade is the oldest one of all the churches in Florence. It is also the only church with its original, planned facade still in place today.

Continuing on your way of discovery, go ahead following one of the most elegant streets of Florence and just after a 3-minute walk you will arrive to Piazza Duomo. The magnificent cathedral of Santa Maria in Fiore will great you with her gorgeous white, green and pink façade and Giotto’s bell tower.

duomo santa maria in fiore

This is the very heart of the city and the cathedral and its dome together represent the beginning of the renaissance architecture, one that blends old and new designs. As all buildings at the time this cathedral was built in few generations (1294. in 1418).

From there you can continue following via Calzaiuoli and after another short walk you will find yourself in Piazza Signoria with Palazzo Vecchio and the Neptune fontain. This square was the place where Michelangelo’s David was standing, now the original is in the museum of Academia and a faithful copy stands in front of the palace.

Piazza Signoria

Continuing ahead you arrive at Uffizi the famous museum that you need few hours to visit, so we will skip that and continue few hundred meters ahead and reach Arno river with famous Ponte Vecchio.

Ponte Vecchio 1

The “Old Bridge”, is a first segmental arch bridge built in the West is an outstanding engineering achievement of the European Middle Ages. It was built by Taddeo Gaddi in 1345. You can visit some of the most beautiful jewelry shops here, the artisans here create magnificent pieces of jewelry worth admiring.

From here you need another 5 minutes and you will be in front of Palazzo Pitti (it is a palace) with huge Boboli park that extends for 45.000 m².

boboli gardenpalazzo pitti(photo palazzo pitti and photo Boboli garden)

Pitti palace has inside a Silver Museum, Gallery of Modern Art, Carriage museum, Porcelain museum, Palatina Gallery and Royal Apartments that are worth seeing. This palace is huge and imposing as you will see once in front of it.

After all the sightseeing you have deserved a break and you can relax with nice Italian dishes.

The best you can eat in Florence are the local delicacies served in restaurants called Osteria and |trattoria. They serve traditional dishes and the best T-bone you will ever eat, the famous Bistecca Fiorentina.

Have a nice day in Florence!