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What is Farm Stay?

We all enjoy travelling to different parts of the world during vacations. The basic idea behind travelling is to relax, see new places, learn about different cultures and meet new people. However. most of the time we end up visiting all prominent places of different countries, those fortunately or unfortunately have identical in terms of facilities, looks and people. During these visit we hardly get opportunity to visit real culture of that location. We find same chain of restaurants, pubs, hotels and other facilities.

In above scenario Farm Stay provides a much better options to travelers, which is  basically a concept of staying in farms!! Farm stay allow us to get connected with real native people,  and enjoy real natural beauty of that location. Just imagine, one day you wake up to the sound of farm life, brush a horse, or bottle a lamb… Ohh!! Does that sound weird or impossible?? Well, that’s what we are for, to make impossible things possible!!!

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Farm Stay is actually a well known concept for many places. Europeans, Australians, Kiwis are familiar with it. Italians call it as ‘agriturismo’. Even Americans have recently come up with the same kind. In a nut shell the facilities are now available in almost all part of the world.

If we talk about lodging, some offer rooms facilities right in the farm house, while others have converted old farm buildings into chicken houses and silos, into magnificent eclectic rooms. You can find yourself camping in a tree house or at a campsite that you choose for yourself. Farm stays come in many shapes and sizes which are rustic with compositing toilets or the high quality hotel – type rooms with Jacuzzi baths!!

Most of farm sites offer breakfasts on the farm, while other meals depend on the cultivation on that particular farm. Participation in chores is mostly not required; nevertheless an extra hand is always appreciated. Some farms offer training and classes in spinning, cheese making, gardening, animal photography, and even cooking! Many are unstructured and will simply expect from you to feel the rhythm of the farm that is best if you watch and listen, carefully.

What to expect?


Do you wonder what all you can expect from a vacation on farms? The answers can be varied just as the farms… from rough tents to luxurious B&B style accommodations, and almost everything in between! Apart, the greatest news is, you’ll definitely find a vacation type that suits your group perfectly.


The things you will witness when you arrive at the any kind of working farm you chosen to stay, you might see large equipment like harvesters or tractors; animals in a field; acres of orchards or other crops; barns and silos; and fences, lots of fences to be more specific. Or, you might just see a gate and more roads to follow before reaching your destination.

Checking in may not be necessarily a formal process like that in a hotel, where you approach beautiful receptionists!! Perhaps at few of the larger ranches it might be, but on usual farms where you’re looking for the farmer, their family members, or may be other worker just to let them know that you’ve arrived.

Attention – Be sure to read all of the information carefully that your host sends you before arrival, so that you’ll know what to do first or where to go.


The smells on a farm are quite unique, but we cannot consider them as offensive. Not even the smell of manures!! Depending on where and when you go, you may smell freshly cut hay; mulch composting; blossoms on a fruit tree; and various by-product smells on the farms. Maybe you witness… an apple pie?! *_*


Talking least, closed-toe shoes are a must. If you wish, you can bring sturdy shoes or the muck boots or boots that you can afford to make dirty! Your hosts might also provide some, but these will be the “left-behind” ones from prior guests – kindly don’t count on it. Your clothing must depend on the kind of work you choose to lend your hands with the chores. Light layers, long sleeves, pants and sun hats, and nothing that you wouldn’t want to get muddy.

Tip: Better to ask the hosts for the laundry facility!!


There are just a few farm stays that permits you to bring pets, so it’s advisable to double check and make sure that the visiting farms are appropriate for your pets.

On a similar note, just remember that some farm dogs works as guards or may be herding dogs, and may not behave like your family pet would.


Well this varies widely. You might get home-cooked meals around the table, or may be left to your own with accommodation’s kitchen. Chances are, you may be free for supplementing the meals from the garden directly and eggs available from the hen-house, or maybe you are expected to buy them all. Well, better to consult the hosts before creating any false homes.

Remember, some ranches and are miles away from the mainstream town, so you won’t necessarily get a chance to run out to the store for things you forgot.

There are may be multiple sights and activities and sounds and may be new experiences that you witness on a farm, or a ranch stay – what will you choose?

So this vacation try a farm stay away from maddening crowd of city with your family and friends in a new country in a new location and learn about there culture better.


Please share your experiences about Farm Stay as a guest or a writer with us soon.